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I have a love/hate relationship with Worpress. This Speed Up WordPress Web Site article will give you an idea why. WordPress is a great platform to build beautiful sites. many people around the world incl. large corporations use WordPress in some fashion, whether as a full blown corporate web-site or a blog linked to the main web site.

It is easy to understand why WordPress is so popular. There are two main reasons. First, you can install a WordPress site yourself in minutes with most plans offered by Web Hosting Companies. The one I have used for years is Inmotionhosting.com. Secondly, once your WordPress site is installed not only do you get free themes but also tons of free plugins to do almost anything with your site. The themes are limited which is why I use Elegant Themes, but the amount of free plugins will amaze you.

Speed Up WordPress Web Site – Plugins

Having said that, those plugins, if you install too many, or the wrong ones can slow down your WordPress site dramatically. And that’s why there are a number of steps you need to take to speed up your WordPress site. This Speed Up WordPress Web Site article outlines the top 6 most important steps below.

Please drop us a line or ask us a question about more steps to speed up your WordPress site and improve its loading speed. Alternatively feel free to comment below or add more steps to this list.

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New Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) https://40parklane.com/digital-marketing/new-google-search-engine-results-page/ https://40parklane.com/digital-marketing/new-google-search-engine-results-page/#respond Mon, 18 Apr 2016 19:01:20 +0000 https://40parklane.com/?p=8322 Google recently surprised many by changing the SERP, aka search engine results page. This has a significant impact on Google's bottom line but more importantly the budgets and bottom lines of those

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Google Serp ChangedGoogle recently surprised many by creating a new google search engine results page. This has a significant impact on Google’s bottom line but more importantly the budgets and bottom lines of those who advertise using Google’s PPC and Adwords.

Google decided to change the layout of the new search engine results page aka SERP by eliminating the right side bar, which you may have been accustomed to seeing on the right hand side, next to the main list of “organic search results”. In addition they have increased the number of ads they show on top of the “organic search results”. See image below…

New Google Search Engine Results Page Impact

The changes in the new Google Search Engine Results Page will have a significant impact on digital marketers using Pay per Click (PPC) and Adwords. It is really only worthwhile to bid for Google’s first few pages, because most people only look as far as the first few Google search engine results pages. For two reasons, a) they find links, sponsored ad or organic search that they like, and off they go, and b) if within the first few pages they haven’t found what they are looking for, they’ll more often than not change the key word or key phrase and do another Google search. You can argue whether the first few pages means 2, 5, 10 or more, but you get the point.

So if you use Adwords and you you are bidding for instance for your sponsored search ad to be shown on the first results page, before the changes, you may have had (hypothetically to keep things simple) 100 vendors bidding for 10-12 slots. The SERP would show 2-3 ads on top of the organic search list and 9-10 slots in the right side bar, plus 2-3 ads above the footer. In the new Google search engine results page the side bar is gone, you have (hypothetically again) 100 vendors (i.e. marketers) bidding for 3-4 slots plus 2-3 slots above the footer of the page. On some occasions when you type in Boston Museums in the search bar, Google shows a gallery of pictures from Boston museums and only 1 ad near the top, plus 3 ads above the footer.

The key point of the impact of the new Google search engine results page is the financial impact on the vendor’s budget, the digital marketer’s budget. The more people are bidding for less slots the higher the price will be driven in the process. Think about you and 20 more people bidding for a great house….you’ll be in a bidding war before you know it and often are willing to pay more than market value. Provided of course it is a strong market. Whether it is Google’s intention to drive the ad slot prices up is to be seen. If you have the space to place ads, why not use it and drive the prices up in a different way. My guess is that thinking about making Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) “mobile friendly” may have played a role as well.

Google Changed SERP -Search Engine Results Page

For Digital Marketers: So Now What!?

Considering the above new Google search engine results page changes, and the anticipated higher cost of showing your sponsored ad on the first or first few pages, unless you have an unlimited budget and can outbid anyone, you may want to put more emphasis on other Digital Marketing tools. You can of course focus on lower cost keywords, but given the above that could mean that you are moving away more and more from your core key words or key phrases, those that you have carefully chosen because they relate to your product or service. In the end it is about content, good and relevant content, so you should review what you, your company and your web-site are all about, although this article assumes that you already did that. . So if you run out of viable and credible key words that relate to the content you have on your site, you should focus on other areas of digital marketing:

Here is a short list of things to look for. I will elaborate in different articles.

  1. Social media – get the word out through social media posts to reach the same target group you would by advertising. Make sure any posts link back to your site to improve your SEO ranking.
  2. Email-Marketing – send more emails to your target group. Don’t overdo it or you’ll end up in spam.
  3. White-papers – Write “white-papers” about the product or service you are selling.
  4. Webinars – Create podcasts or webinars about topics relating to your product or service.
  5. Images and Videos – Create viral images or videos related to what you publish on your site.
  6. Local – Take advantage of Google Local, Yahoo local and alike.

If you want to stay up to date with digital marketing and web design developments, trends, tips and news, you can sign up for our news letter by clicking here, or contact us with any questions by clicking here.



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Top 6 Reasons to Have a Web-site https://40parklane.com/creative/web-design/top-6-reasons-have-web-site/ https://40parklane.com/creative/web-design/top-6-reasons-have-web-site/#respond Mon, 11 Apr 2016 20:00:05 +0000 https://40parklane.com/?p=8282 There are so many reasons why it would be good for you to have a web-site. To start with if you are a business and you don't have a web-site today, people won't take you seriously. The quickest way to check out someone nowadays is to google the person or business and to look for reviews.

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There are so many reasons why it would be good for you to have a web-site. To start with if you are a business and you don’t have a web-site today, people won’t take you seriously. The quickest way to check out someone nowadays is to google the person or business and to look for reviews. Although of course not fool proof given a good number of reviews you can pretty easily get a feel for the person’s or business reputation. The downside is that depending on what your activity is online, you could get a fake bad review which are difficult to counter.

But there are plenty of other reasons to have a web-site. In effect your web-site is your modern business card, or portfolio if you’re an artist. If you are close to retirement or for any other reason would like to earn some money, having a web-site, whether to blog or sell products or services is a great start. If you have a passion like photography, the web would be great to display your art. And finally, although there are many more reasons I have not mentioned to have a web-site, if you have family spread around the world, you could create your own online network, without the restraints and annoyances of a Facebook or other networks.

Below I have outline the top 6 reasons to have a web-site in more detail……

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Web Design Key Factors – Anno 2016

Web Design - 40parklane.com25 years ago when the internet was just beginning to get noticed by commerce, you could almost say that any web site, any web design was good enough. Now we all know that that is not entirely true, nevertheless, if you had a web-site, you had more, much more than anyone else, thus you stood out, and as my late dad always used to say, it does not matter how they talk about you as long as they talk about you. But those were the days where French wines sold itself.

Today, in 2016 everybody and their aunt have a web-site, at least of some sort. Roaming the internet their is still a significant amount of sites that not only look awful, and are not user friendly, confusing, not clear as to what they are communicating or selling. Today there are so many sites communicating the same stuff or selling the same stuff that you’ll “bounce out” of any site that looks awful and/or is confusing and annoying. Web Design has become key!

So it is key to web design is a site that has the user, the visitor and hopefully the customer in mind. And that’s where design comes in. The following list is a cross section of the most important factors to make sure your site hits the mark. Think about you doing a speech to children or telling them something. If you use terminology that a rocket scientist would be proud of, most likely the kids will be staring at you wide-eyed with a look that tells you “WTF are you talking about…now in English please!”. Alternatively if you speak to rocket scientists and you give your speech the coochy-coo approach, you’ll probably lose them before the first 2 minutes are up. Web Design is as important as the design of a speech!

So what factors are important for web design? I’ll list a few here in no particular order, simply because the order does not matter. Whether you have a car without a wheel or without an engine, you still won’t be able to drive it.

    1. Color
    2. Content – Logic
    3. Font
    4. Graphics – Visualization
    5. Layout
    6. User friendly and logical Structure
    7. Balance
    8. Speed

1) Color
Think about the first time you saw someone you really liked. Most likely (but not impossible) this person was not looking like a drained rat, just coming in from a rain storm, right? The person looked great, was dressed probably great and smelled great. Although we all know that beauty is not just on the outside, our initial instincts react without filter to our senses, color being one of them. In the next articles I will give some examples of what I believe is great web design and what is not, so you can judge for yourself.

2) Content – Logic
This is a topic very near to my heart. I have never been able to study, by diving into a study book in the middle, read a chapter or paragraph and remember or even understand what the chapter or paragraph was about. I need to see things within context, connect the dots and slowly but surely a picture is formed in my mind, one I can understand. This talks to two factors. Text that makes sense, is clear, concise and logically built up, and (this will be discussed later) may have a picture to illustrate what the text is saying. And we all know that a picture speaks a thousand words. My childhood hero Johan Cruyff a soccer legend put it once like this…”Soccer is a simple game, but it is difficult to play simple soccer”. The same principle applies to web content. Use the KISS principle if you can and when appropriate: Keep It Simple and Stupid, for any web design.

3) Font
Font is more important than you think. Not only will the size of a font make web content legible or not, but the color of the font, the style of the font can also make text more or less legible. Font also sets a tone. Whether you use Edwardian Script to create an English feel, or Gigi to create a French feel, makes a huge difference to the look and feel and understanding of a site or page.

4) Graphics and Visualization
Graphics, that is good graphics and relevant graphics can enhance the look and feel, as well as the understanding of a page or web site. A picture speaks a thousand words holds true for pictures, graphics or info graphics.

5) Layout
As with web content, i.e. text and images, the overall layout must make sense. For instance, the Chinese write in columns from top to bottom and read those columns from top to bottom and from right to left. Image if we design a web-page like that, people would not know what hit them. Images must also be placed in the right areas, you can’t just riddle the page or site with images everywhere, or ads for that matter, it is important to put images, graphics and ads in key spots, without over powering the page.

6) User Friendly and Logical Structure
As with web content and layout, the site as a whole must be user friendly, the structure must make sense and the navigation must be logical and easy. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to find out where exactly I am on a web-site, where I should go, and what I should do to get back to a certain area. All of the above can be set up in a proper way by using the right categories, and menus. And I mean the right menus, not more menus. In my humble opinion the menu structure at amazon.com is a nightmare, simply too much. That site is under so much pressure to offer money making content and options that it has overdone the menu structure.

7) Balance
As with everything in life balance is a good thing. balance in the sense of not too much text or too many pictures…where it does not make sense. But also balance from a design standpoint. Balance in lines, balance in colors, balance in graphic design. Again, have a look at Amazon.com, in my opinion a site that has no balance…simply too much of everything.

8) Speed
Any site, whether with the perfect design, layout, structure and balance….if it does not have speed, we’re all outta here!! Speed is a factor of many things, whether plugins, images, css, scripts or simply errors. It is important in design, from scratch or with plugins to speed up your site. One of the easiest ways is to do so with a CDN, aka a Content Delivery Network. A CDN pulls the pages from your site to their own, very fast server and functions as your arms length, third party cache. So when a lot of people hit one page at the same time, the CDN offers them the page at a much higher speed than if your (hypothetical) server would try to do so.

This is the first article in the series about web design. In the next article I will discuss the above factors in more detail and with some examples.

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What is Digital Marketing https://40parklane.com/digital-marketing/what-is-digital-marketing/ https://40parklane.com/digital-marketing/what-is-digital-marketing/#respond Tue, 29 Mar 2016 18:46:23 +0000 https://40parklane.com/?p=8100 The post What is Digital Marketing appeared first on 40ParkLane,llc - Web Design - Digital Marketing.


The Modern Marketing Model – Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing IconDigital Marketing is often described as the promotion, communication and marketing of products, brands, corporate entities and services. This often happens through digital channels, whether online or off line. Typically digital marketing happens through channels like mobile phone, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Lately digital marketing is also possible through smart watches and smart TV’s opening up a whole new world of marketing to (potential) consumers.

The other side of the coin, the other side of digital marketing, is just as important. Part of digital marketing is the feedback loop, finding out whether the message is coming across. Are your messages reaching the consumer via mobile phone, through email messages or text messages, more often than videos on Youtube for instance? There are many programs that can measure activity like BrightEdge, SEMrush, Moz and others. The most known feedback program is Google Analytcis which is free with a Gmail account.

Key to the success of your digital marketing efforts is Return on Investment. If you put in a certain amount of money towards a digital marketing campaign, you want something back for that effort. The something back is called a conversion. This conversion can be the purchase of a product or service or it can be the sign up to a newsletter. The value of any conversion is driven by a number of factors like, revenue from a sale, revenue from advertising income or the mere fact that by colecting email addresses from people who sign up to a newsletter you create a marketing channel through which you can communicate anything you want, like offers and new products. In the long run your true ROI is the revenue or value of your conversions minus the cost it takes to get the conversions. Why is digital marketing so important? We’ll discuss those reasons in a different article.

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Johan Cruyff – Dutch Master – Nr. 14 https://40parklane.com/creative/johan-cruyff-dutch-master-nr-14/ https://40parklane.com/creative/johan-cruyff-dutch-master-nr-14/#respond Fri, 25 Mar 2016 17:08:09 +0000 http://www.40parklane.com/?p=7987 The post Johan Cruyff – Dutch Master – Nr. 14 appeared first on 40ParkLane,llc - Web Design - Digital Marketing.


Johan Cruyff - Dutch Master - Nr. 14


johan-cruijff-nr14On March 24, 2016 The Netherlands and the whole world has lost a legend, a creative genius, my childhood hero Johan Cruyff, legendary Dutch football player, nr. 14 who played for Ajax, Barcelona, New York Cosmos and LA Aztecs. Not only was Cruyff an incomparable football (soccer) player but he was human being helping kids around the world, notably in poor areas with his Cruyff Foundation and his Cruyff Courts.

The Cruyff foundation is based on the premises that sports and an active life is necessary to keep the children healthy and help them live together in a more and more difficult and complex world. Sport and exercise help children to develop, which is why no single child should be left out. By organizing projects for disabled children, building Cruyff Courts and equipping playgrounds and primary schools, the Cruyff Foundation contributes to a better and more enduring society. Read more and donate……

I decided to write the first blog on the revamped and redesigned 40parklane.com web-site in honor of this incredible man. There are so many reasons I want to highlight this extraordinary person, and there are so many great stories to tell about Johan Cruyff but to do so I would need many more pages and much more time. Plus, I would have to go up into the attic to try to find my treasure box with my Ajax pajama and my scrap book with endless news-paper and magazine clippings of the days Cruyff was a football (soccer) star in Holland (Ajax and the Dutch National team) and Barcelona (FC Barcelona).ajax-1973

Cruyff was the epitome of creativity, vision and leadership. Many people including myself have benefited greatly from his incomparable football, his vision and his quotes. 40ParkLane which is derived from Parklaan 40 in The Netherlands, where Hans van Putten grew up, was the basis for our vision, our creativity and our ethical and humanitarian heritage. We will strive to be an organization with vision for Web Design, Digital Marketing and Business Administration and hope to help those who need it the most.

Johan Cruyff’s legacy is vast and here are some of his legendary quotes:

  1. Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.
  2. There is only one ball, so you need to have it.
  3. If I wanted you to understand it, I would have explained it better.
  4. In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker the first defender.
  5. What is speed? The sports press often confuses speed with insight. See, if I start running slightly earlier than someone else, I seem faster.
  6. There’s only one moment in which you can arrive in time. If you’re not there, you’re either too early or too late.
  7. Someone who has juggled the ball in the air during a game, after which four defenders of the opponent get the time to run back, that’s the player people think is great. I say he has to go to a circus.
  8. Choose the best player for every position, and you’ll end up not with a strong XI, but with 11 strong 1’s.
  9. I’m ex-player, ex-technical director, ex-coach, ex-manager, ex-honorary president. A nice list that once again shows that everything comes to an end.
  10. Why couldn’t you beat a richer club? I’ve never seen a bag of money score a goal.
  11. Technique is not being able to juggle a ball 1000 times. Anyone can do that by practicing. Then you can work in the circus. Technique is passing the ball with one touch, with the right speed, at the right foot of your team mate.
  12. I always threw the ball in, because then if I got the ball back, I was the only player unmarked.
  13. Players that aren’t true leaders but try to be, always bash other players after a mistake. True leaders on the pitch already assume others will make mistakes.
  14. Before I make a mistake, I don’t make that mistake.
  15. I’m not religious. In Spain all 22 players make the sign of the cross before they enter the pitch. If it works all matches must therefore end in a draw.
  16. When you play a match, it is statistically proven that players actually have the ball 3 minutes on average … So, the most important thing is: what do you do during those 87 minutes when you do not have the ball. That is what determines whether you’re a good player or not.
  17. Every professional golfer has a separate coach for his drives, for approaches, for putting. In football we have one coach for 15 players. This is absurd.
  18. After you’ve won something, you’re no longer 100 percent, but 90 percent. It’s like a bottle of carbonated water where the cap is removed for a short while. Afterwards there’s a little less gas inside.
  19. Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.
  20. I find it terrible when talents are rejected based on computer stats. Based on the criteria at Ajax now I would have been rejected. When I was 15, I couldn’t kick a ball 15 meters with my left and maybe 20 with my right. My qualities technique and vision, are not detectable by a computer.
  21. We must make sure their worst players get the ball the most. You’ll get it back in no time.
  22. If you have the ball you must make the field as big as possible, and if you don’t have the ball you must make it as small as possible.
  23. Surviving the first round is never my aim. Ideally, I’d be in one group with Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Then I’d have lost two rivals after the first round. That’s how I think. Idealistic.
  24. Players today can only shoot with their laces. I could shoot with the inside, laces, and outside of both feet. In other words, I was six times better than today’s players.
  25. There are very few players who know what to do when they’re not marked. So sometimes you tell a player: that attacker is very good, but don’t mark him.

The above quotes show his vision and intelligence and many of them apply to modern day life and business as well.

Johan, thank you for the joy, the fun and wisdom you have given us for so many years. RIP.


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Business Administration – Choosing a Business https://40parklane.com/business-administration/choosing-business/ https://40parklane.com/business-administration/choosing-business/#respond Sun, 21 Feb 2016 21:48:01 +0000 http://www.40parklane.com/?p=7229 The post Business Administration – Choosing a Business appeared first on 40ParkLane,llc - Web Design - Digital Marketing.


Business Administration – Choosing a Business

Choosing a Business: There is a very simple list or framework I always use whatever new business I start or project I am working on. I call this my SBP, Strategic Business Plan framework, which I picked up at The Gillette Company.

  1. Mission
  2. Objective
  3. Strategy
  4. SWOT
  5. Marketing Plan
  6. Budget

Mission and Objective

1) Choosing a Business: Mission
One of the most common mistakes people make is to start a business in the wrong industry. There are many ways you can go wrong, whether it is something you are simply not good at, or you are not 100% in it. From a more technical and economical standpoint, sometimes people go into a business just as the economical down cycle starts; this will stack the deck against you. A good friend of mine once told me “find a business that a) you’re good at, b) you are passionate about and c) makes money. Believe me, not an easy thing to do! But take your time to find that “ultimate business proposal” anyway. Your mission should state, what in life do you want with the business? Do you want to help people, solve the world’s problems, what do you want, what is your passion?

2) Choosing a Business: Objective
What is your objective…to achieve your mission in life. For instance if your mission is to “help people with little money to retire”, your (specific) objective could be “to create a business incubator where people with great ideas can start their own business and generate money so they can retire”. It is key to have an objective to work towards. Make sure you set a deadline and an “exit plan”. As we used to say at Gillette, “an objective without a deadline is merely a dream”. Dreams are great but they won’t get you anywhere. An “exit plan” is simply a plan, at the time when you hit your deadline, that will allow you to either close the business, or if you have been successful, sell the business.

Strategy and SWOT

3) Choosing a Business: Strategy
A business plan without a strategy is a trip to a new country or town without knowing how and when to see major attractions. Now when traveling, you may have the time and money to wander about. But take it from me, when starting and running a business, time is money! You don’t want to wander around for months, years to figure out what business you want. Neither do you want to ponder too long what your mission is.  And when you finally do know, you need to move along without a solid strategy to achieve your objective. By the time your done you may have run out of money and you’ll have to fold the company. Better figure out what, where and how before you put time and money into a (ad)venture.

4) Choosing a Business: SWOT
SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. I always do a SWOT for any business plan or project I am working on. You want to do research on the topic, which is relatively speaking easy nowadays by utilizing the internet. once you have done your research you create a grid in Excel or Word and outline what the SWOT for the business as a whole, a specific product or service is. That will give you an idea of the overall “risk”, the upside and downside, you may face. To put yourself in context of the business and market you will be targeting, do a personal SWOT. What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?

Marketing Plan and Budget

5) Choosing a Business: Marketing Plan
Once you have a mission, an objective a strategy and per your SWOT have an idea what you will be facing it is time to put a Marketing Plan together. How are you going to market, communicate and sell your business, your product or service? Will you be doing so via classic marketing, via TV, Radio, brochures and Flyers? Or will you be doing so via the “modern business model” the internet, by utilizing social media, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing SEO and SEM? To know what channels you will be using it is absolute KEY to know your target market, your target group! Selling cookie to a car dealership may get you a nice order during the holidays, but after that they may not re-order, thus your initial investment has been a waste of money and you have achieved no ROI (return on investment). Selling cookies to a delicatessen store, may get you in during the holidays when everyone is looking for a Christmas present or treat, it will most likely result in a re-order after the Holidays because a delicatessen sells cookies year round.

6) Choosing a Business: Budget
Once you have determined your target market and the channels you will market your product or service to, it is time to determine in detail what marketing activity you will engage in, and subsequently calculate how much the activity will cost you. If you sell a product or service you will of course need to calculate how much it costs to produce that product or service, and determine at what price point you want to position this in the market place. Your revenue minus the cost of the goods you will sell, minus your expenses, for marketing activity, selling expenses and business administration will determine your profit or loss.

In my next articles I will go into more detail how to embrace Business Administration, from the beginning to ensure structure and controlled progression.

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