18 Years of Award-winning Carolyn's Handmade Gourmet Treats and Gifts

Here’s a trip down memory lane of Carolyn’s (Gourmet) Handmade.  The Orchards Gourmet Nuts and Gifts may have changed packaging and flavoring. Click here to go to The Orchards Gourmet Nuts and Treats.

Victorian Treats Gift Box

Carolyn’s Handmade 2LB Gift Jar

Carolyn’s Gourmet Gift Box

Gezellig Gourmet Vinegar

Carolyn’s Handmade Sold: In 1998 after 10 years at the Gillette Company Hans van Putten started 40ParkLane,llc and took over Carolyn’s Pecans, a small “mom and pop” gourmet nut roasting business. The manufacturing facility was set up in Concord MA, the brand name was changed to Carolyn’s Gourmet and we were off to the races. At the  end of March 2016 we closed this Chapter of the award-winning gourmet treats and gifts brand that became known as Carolyn’s Handmade. Carolyn’s Handmade was sold in 2014 to The Orchards Gourmet Nuts and Gifts in Wrens, GA. Per March 31st 2016 the handover of the business has been finalized and 40ParkLane,llc is moving in a new direction, more detail here. If you like to have more information about Carolyn’s Handmade products or want to place an order, please visit The Orchards Gourmet Nuts and Gifts.

Carolyn’s Gourmet Gift Box

Carolyn’s Handmade 1Lb Glass Gift Jar

Carolyn’s Gourmet Classic Gift Box

Gezellig Gourmet Chutney


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    Go to The Orchards Gourmet Nuts and Gifts and browse their assortment.

    Hans van Putten – What is he doing now?

    Since selling the Carolyn’s handmade brand, Hans van Putten has pursued his passion to help other startups and small businesses as an Entrepreneur Advisor in the areas where Hans accumulated 20+ years of skills and experience like strategic planning, operations management, web design and digital marketing. Check out his current status and portfolio of companies he has worked with or is working for.

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