Portfolio - Hans van Putten

Digital Marketer and Web Designer

Extended Portfolio

Hans van Putten – Portfolio is a sample review of his work over 20+ years.



Hans van Putten – Founder 40ParkLane,llc

Digital Marketer – Web Designer

Hans van Putten – Portfolio

Hans van Putten – Portfolio is a visual rendition of the wide array of skills and experience Hans van Putten has accumulated over 20+ years in corporate and start-up environments. He has worked for 10 years at The Gillette Company and 20 years at40ParkLane.com respectively, thus building a wealth of experience and insight. His skills and experience covers, web design, digital marketing. He also covers search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM). Additionally the Hans van Putten – Portfolio covers email marketing, social media marketing, and white papers.

Hans van Putten’s  Extended Portfolio is just a sample of what Hans van Putten is capable of creating. Therefore please contact us for more information.

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