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As part of 40parkLane, mostly known for its award-winning Carolyn’s Handmade brand of gourmet treats and gifts we have also dabbled in the development of other web-sites to do with travel and lifestyle, thus creating web content.

This sample page for AntiguaTravelPlanner.com we created after out trip to Antigua shows how content can be catchy with a nice picture, a solid header and simple, well organized paragraphs of information. You can do all you can and follow every rule in the book regarding SEO….if you don’t create compelling content, text, images and videos that people want to read and watch, your page or site won’t hold up to the ultimate test of time, consumer demand and opinion.

Project Details

Client AntiguaTravelPlanner
Date March 2011
Skills Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Content
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Project Feature

One of the most important features of “web content” is the “header”. Although the picture may catch the web user’s eyes first, the header could be first or a close second.

Depending on the mood and tone you want to set and the message you want to get across, you can have the header blend in or in the case of the picture to the left, have the header stand out by adding a background box to the header with a powerful color like orange.

Project Scope

The scope of the test project was to design a site with a travel feel to it. We achieved this by using the Adobe programs and color wheels to use complementary or analogous colors where we felt it made sense.

We blended font for headers or paragraphs into the image where the image was our focal point and added a colorful background box where the message was the main focus.

Antigua - English Harbor View

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